I’m stuck for ideas for my 14 year old sons stocking - The youngest is so much easier!

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Hit me with your best ideas please!

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Hate these posts. No one knows your kid better than you, you know what they are into.

Post by John »

Never met a 14 year old boy that was into stockings tbf.

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I have 13 yr old nearly and 11 yr old and I have done new school surpiles. so new pencil case, pens, colouring pencils, rubbers in sports shapes, metal rulers etc. then they have a tube of sweets and a net of coins.

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I have only ever put sweats in all 9’of my kids stockings because otherwise it’s so expensive and you just fill it with shit they don’t want or that breaks by Boxing Day :lol:

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My son is 16, I have chocolate coins, chocolate Santa, multi pen, torch, mini drinks, Lego minifigures, mini toiletries and a stress rubix cube.

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Deodorants. Body sprays. Sock boxers.. show gels. Bath bombs. Sweets ps top up. That's what I have my son. Main is money and play station games.
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