My daughter is 9 and really doesn’t ‘need’ anything for Xmas

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So, I thought it would be nice to get her a a polar bear/penguin/panda (you get the idea) adoption thingy through a charity.

Does anyone actually do one of these that:
  • A- You know the money you pay monthly is going towards the animals.
  • B- Where the child can get regular updates.
  • C- Maybe a smaller charity which is a little more personal?
Thanks in advance.

Post by Stëvie »

I got my step son a bracelet. It has a shark on it with a GPS. It's then attached to a shark and he can track it.

Post by Hannah »

I wouldn't do this unless it was to a local zoo etc, I can't imagine how disappointing it would be for a 9 year old to have a 'sponsored animal' which basically just gets them a teddy & stuffed toy.

Post by Robyn »

I know your suggestion is animal but I sponsored a child for a while and we exchanged letters. He told me all the things my money helped toward. Vaccinations paper pens school and fabric for mum to make him and sister clothes. I loved it. They reached 16 so that's why I stopped but for years I got a couple letters a year and some photos. You can also send extra gifts on a list. I sent balloons, chalks and coloured pencils (enough to share) he was thrilled.

Post by Rebecca »

What about the charity- lend with care. It’s a bit like dragons Den- so you look at peoples business plans and lend them £15 etc and watch their business grow. It’s all around the world.

Post by Cally »

I adopted my..

Children a donkey each last year for Christmas, they get letters in the post addressed to them which they love and updates on the donkeys. The centre is a local one to us but it’s the national donkey sanctuary.

Post by Alexis »

Any zoo or sanctuary is bound to do an adoption scheme…. We personally adopt through the hawk conservancy trust as it’s relatively local and my son has a passion for birds. Does your child have a special interest in a certain animal? If so, I would try to find something that would interest them.

Post by Charlotte »

Born Free £3 a month. - we have a tiger for our son and giraffe for our daughter. We get regular updates on how our money helps, along with photos, and when they first adopt they get a certificate and teddy. Our sons tiger unfortunately died due to old age so they allocated him another one which we thought was lovely.

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Look at local donkey sanctuary near you because alot if them will actually let you go and visit your adopted donkey. My parents did this for me when I was younger, the donkey was called goldie and I absolutely loved visiting her and getting things through the post. Definitely do this it will end up being core memories for your little one.

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We sponsored a child in Tanzania to go to school as her family couldn’t afford to send her. We committed to put her through school completely and now she is a young adult with better opportunities.

Post by Charlotte »

Monkey world in Dorset, the adoption includes entry to the park, my girls have had them for a few years and try and visit at least once a year so they can see their adopted monkey.

Post by Stacey »

Horse sense Wirral they take in abandoned horses and ponies, pigs rabbits ducks, you get a monthly update and pictures of the horse if you type in search bar you can find them on here and see what they do they are a small charity that rely on donations and help from the public.

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We adopted a lion for my daughter through Born Free. It’s about £3 a month. She gets regular updates she got a small lion when we first did it. This is her favourite animal. The lion sadly passed away so they sent her information to see if she would adopt another & we did. Also WWFdo it too.

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Plantasia in Swansea allows you to adopt one of their animals, as does gweek seal sanctuary, I think folly farm does too. I know gweek does updates but I don’t know how regular. I can’t say for the other 2 as I’ve seen the adoption packs advertised but not looked into them. Not sure if any other zoos or sanctuaries UK based do this.
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