AIR FRYERS… Are they worth the money? Are they actually any cheaper to run than ovens?

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Hello lovely people. I’m after some advise/recommendations please…

If so, which do you recommend?

There are so many makes and model, I have no clue where to start.

Thank you..

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Worth every penny, quicker to cooks, uses half the amount of energy of a cooker.

Ninja dual 9L £220 curry's, it will pay for its self in a couple of months.

Also availablke are Hologen cookers 17L approx £50 a d just as cheap to run as an airfryer.

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We have a ninja af451uk and love it.

Made a whole roast chicken dinner in it in 1 hour yesterday (including 5 mins of prep before putting the chicken in and 3 different loads of veg). The same meal would have taken over an hour and a half in the oven and cost more than double in electricity.

I haven't put my oven on in over 2 weeks now. Everything I do in the oven or grill has been done in the air fryer.

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Strictly speaking yes they do use less energy but you have to make sure you really use it consistently. A lot people spend £200+ on them and thereby negate any potential savings due to that large initial outlay (at least for quite some time anyway) Personally I’d go for a cheap and cheerful one if I actually wanted to save money.

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I love my air fryer and use it almost every day. Heaps quicker to cook things in (example I cook chips in 12 mins as opposed to a half hour in the oven) and it uses far less electricity too. I have the Ninja brand. I think it was about $250 but you can buy them far cheaper.

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It's personal choice to the type you buy really. I don't particularly like the drawer type, but my daughter and my best friend love them. I prefer the type that turn (actifry, halo etc) but they do tend to take up more room on your work surface. I love mine and tend to use it almost every day for all sorts of things. I live alone and find it much cheaper to use than putting on the oven for small amounts.

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I've had mine since March and used my oven twice since then. I love mine, so much quicker to do dinner. My oven is gas and takes forever to cook anything. I've got the Ninja dual, the big one.

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We have a 5.5l cosori air fryer. It's great when we are doing hob dinners, say pasta and want some garlic bread as it saves us having to use the oven. Also good for things at lunch like heating up sausage rolls, toasted sandwiches are really good too. Things like pie and mash- I chuck the pies in their and then just need to use the hob for the mash and veg. We don't use it every day but definitely use our oven a lot less now.

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If I cooked at home, I’d definitely get one. There are quite a few Facebook groups to ask question. My Mum recently just got a cheap one from Asda because she wanted to see if she would use it, and she makes everything in it, it cooks much quicker and uses way less electricity than putting her oven on. She’s going to buy a bigger/better one now she knows it gets used. You could try that and see if you use it.

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Do not buy one! .....unless you want to put on weight! I have not used my oven since getting one, and now I do not have to bend down to my oven ( old bones) and have it lit for over half an hour to heat up, I am baking everyday, including my own bread. I have a 5 ltr. Basket type. Cost me £80 on Amazon in september. Brilliant machine. Not sure if money is tight that I would want to spend £200 on one as that's more then a week's pension, but you can get "tower" 4 ltr size for as cheap as £35 ( Iceland on line shop)

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