Please talk to me about VR headsets

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Hello!! Looking to get my 9 year old one for Christmas but with the idea that all the family can play!

Maximum budget around £100 …

Can you even buy a decent set for this amount? How do they work?

I know nothing!! Please help!

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Has your child used one before. The reason I ask is some people have an adverse reaction to them. They can end up feeling really sick after using them and their balance cam be off. We have one and myself and other family members can't use them without feeling sick and we have had accidents where people have fallen while using them too. However, that being said, hubby loves it.

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Not recommended for children under 13 as can damage eyesight. Give it a Google.

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I got my son a cheap one last Xmas where you attach your mobile phone and tbh it wasn't great. He then used his birthday money to get and occulus quest (£230 second hand from cex). You can also get them to link to a PlayStation but quality does cost a lot. See if you can get a 2nd hand one as buying one new with that budget I suspect won't be great quality.

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£100 budget you're really looking at the cheap ones you slide a phone into. VR's aren't cheap, the cheapest start about £250 and that's refurbed. Curry's do Meta Quest 2 on finance at £14p/m for 36 months, but it might not be a commitment you are ready for/can afford.
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