Can we talk teenager Christmas presents please?

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I have 5 nieces and nephews to buy for. The younger ones are easy but I’m really stuck with the teenagers! 17yo lad and 14yo (very soon to be 15) girl.

I like to buy physical presents they’ll actually use, for example my 9yo niece is getting a pen/pencil set and notebook and my 3yo nephew Lego because he loves Lego and loves to build it and it’ll get used. Still deciding on the youngest but I’m sure she won’t be difficult to find something for.

Budget is around £20 each.

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If I can be completely honest I’d say for teens money really is best. Most of what they like/want/need is more than £20 and I’d way rather put money towards something than buy something just so they have a physical gift.

I have this with my MiL every year. She doesn’t see them often, doesn’t know them at all and wants to go and spend £50 on tat just so they have parcels to open when almost everything she buys ends up being discarded because they don’t like it/ won’t use it!

My oldest asked for Nike socks but she wouldn’t spend £20 on socks! So he got biscuits (which he doesn’t like) deodorant (he doesn’t use that brand) and sweets instead!

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For the niece a pamper basket. So bath bombs, chocolate, face mask and pyjamas.

For the nephew, again a hamper but greggs voucher, shower gel, body soray scratch card.

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For my neice - running leggings got them for under 20 and they are really funky.

Shower gel to go with the perfume she wears. I doubt she would buy it so it is a nice treat.

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Last year I got my nieces (then 12 and 14) soap and glory bath stuff. It was on offer in Boots so put together some nice selections for them. This year, I got them tickets to a theatre show.

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17 year old boys have hollow legs and a Greggs voucher is an excellent present for them, if you don't want to do a voucher then a snack box/bag would also go down well.

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I got my older niece some ear buds, drawing pens and art supplies. I have a 16-year-old boy so hoody, beanie, Funko Pops are always a hit.

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Apple gift card, gift card for restaurant smellies. After shave. Nike socks Victoria secrets body spray. Earrings, Pandora charm, jewelry.

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for the girl do a hamper of bath bombs/makeup/showergel/face mask/choc etc.
for the boy u can also do a hamper of smellies/choc/mug(xbox/ps/fav film/personalised glass/scratch cards.

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My 17 year old likes anything smelly and there are some good deals on at the moment. My 15 year old likes Victoria Secret sprays or superdrugs layering lab sprays.
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