Left-handed person on planet earth

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I still don't understand humans!!. Am very left handed, when I write with my left hand they all celebrate me but when l eat the food l cooked with it, it's literally an abomination!!!. Like WHY?!

Post by Benjamin »

That's how I will sit peacefully in our school canteen and be eating Yoruba food peacefully with left hand and some silly staffs and lectures wey no get work to do go say my way of eating they irritate Dem.. because I dey eat with left hand..

Post by Bridget »

I once asked a medical personel about it, it said that is how God created the person, is like forcing right hand person to be using left, it affects their brains function when u begin to force them to use right hand, I hate when I c pole forcing their children to be using right as if is a tabu,

Post by Esther »

My second son is left handed, I will not tolerate anyone telling him to use his right hand no matter who you are.

Post by Imaobong »

That's how people stare at me when I eat. Proud left-hander

Post by Clerkson »

Am here my dear, i have learn how to live with mine.
13th August is left handed day🥰😍🥰
But ppl don't understand this, they treat us like, it's an abomination to use left.
first of all God created us like that..

Post by Inti »

I had to shut someone up when my daughter passed something to me using her left hand . Everything about my daughter, is left . We love her like that!

Post by Adekunle »

I don't write with my left hand but I do almost every other thing with it

Post by Sandra »

Don't mind them, I don't even care again, I use it anytime and anyhow I feel like, is my life.
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