My 10 year old daughter wants a sewing machine for Christmas!

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Needing some advice..

She’s never used a machine before but does enjoy sewing!

I have no idea as don’t sew!

Can anyone recommend machine / material to buy don’t want to spend a fortune and it to be a fad and never touched!

Thanks 🪡

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Don’t get a child ones but you also don’t need an all singing all dancing one. I have 2 machines and both just do standard stitches although my newer one does button holes, which I haven’t actually used. For practising I’d say old sheets or curtains from charity shops. Mens shirts have a lot of material in them if you have any old ones lying around that can be cut up. I usually use recycled materials.

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Singer, Janome and brother are excellent! I learnt on a hand crank antique singer haha. You just wat to look at the stitches per min for speed, you don't want any too fast for her at this point.

Also cotton is an excellent fabric to work with, check out thrift stores for fabric! Also duvets and sheets are good!

I love to hear when kids are interested in sewing! Its what I do i started at 6 or 7 with my grandma, now my 5 year old says she wants to do what I do when she is older.

I'm currently working on this red taffeta dress and one in gold.

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I suggest you ask a sewing repair person whether they have a repaired second hand one. That way you could get a really good machine, with good advice, without spending too much.

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Hobby craft have a first sewing machine £55. That’s the cheapest they do have bought one for someone for Xmas.

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Don't buy a kids one, they are crap. The basic Brother models are great and out perform my singer that was 3 times the price.

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Don't buy a kids one, even if it looks like a perfect miniature sewing machine, they're a total waste of money, Aldi and Lidl sometimes have them.

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Please don’t buy a child’s machine! They are awful and she will hate sewing!

Try buying a second hand mechanical one - look around your area for a sewing machine repair person and or sewing machine shop and ask their advice.

A basic mechanical machine with a decent set of different needles (SCHMETZ) for different uses will set her up properly.

Then she will love sewing!
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