My sister has just had twins at 29 weeks.. Can I have some suggestions of practical, useful gifts I could get for them

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My sister has just had twins at 29 weeks. Thankfully everyone is doing well at the moment.

Please can I have some suggestions of practical, useful gifts I could get for them.

I’d like to get them something that will make life with newborn twins (plus a 4-year-old) a little easier.


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My friend came round and sat with baby whilst I showered, she brought coffee and cake it was amazing.

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As a parent of twins who were very small if recommend buying all of the tiny nappies you can find. Supermarkets don’t tend to stock a lot of them so buy them whenever you can!! That and prem baby grows as they will need a lot and I mean a lot!

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Go round and clean her home for her, stock up her freezer with meals. Just make it so that when she comes home she doesn't need to do anything.

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As a mother to twins if you can do some batch cooking or give some time to help out around the house or with the 4 your old while mum sleeps or even just showers. In those early days sometimes it was a miracle to find time to shower.

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Portable chargers for in the hospital and if and when visitors are allowed, take all the photos you can of mum with the babies. She’ll be in the least photos and she’ll thank you forever for doing it.

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I'm assuming the babies are in NICU? My son as in NICU and what I appreciated / needed was: Hand cream for the excessive hand washing, food hall vouchers (I missed nearly every single meal on ward because I was down feeding or visiting) nipple cream and breast warming pads. I had to pump every 2 hours as I was away from him and I was SORE, a pack of nicu milestone cards "fed on my own, breathed without my oxygen tube etc" I made my own of these for his nicu milestones and it made it feel more like a standard newborn journey.

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A load of batch cooked homemade meals. Portioned out etc. So, she has something to eat herself, the 4 year has something to eat too. That way she doesn't need to worry about time to feed herself and child. And general helping round the house doing some washing. She will be so tired. It really is the little things that help.

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I have 2 sets of twins. Food. Batch cook meals for the freezer. Make cleaning vouchers , childcare for the older one. everything else is just stuff that lots of people will get.

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Just help as much as you can, with Xmas coming up if she hasn't finished he Xmas shopping ask her to do a list and finish it off, do her wrapping if it hasn't been done, try and make life as normal and fun as possible for her 4 year old thats probably the most help she's going to need just now as most of her time is going to be taken up at hospital while her babies grow stronger.

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Personally, I’d hold off of any gifts at the moment. The nicu journey can be a bit of a rollercoaster and what they need right now is emotional support. Our twins came at 32+0, our son was in hospital for two months, our daughter for 3 months. They didn’t wear clothes for several weeks due to tubing etc.

The gifts will be very much appreciated once they’re all home.
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