Electric blankets - what has everyone got? The thick ones that go under the fitted sheet, or a fleece one?

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What do you have my friend?

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I've got one that goes under my fitted sheet silent night one has 3 settings on it best thing ever :lol:

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I have one that goes under the sheet. When my husband is at work, my big indulgence is reading in bed with the electric blanket on, a glass of wine, and a snack.

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We have a single one that goes under the sheet across the bottom of our bed, we pop it on about 10 mins before we get in and it’s so lovely to have warm feet.

I also have one that is a blanket that I use in the evening while watching TV.

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The fleece one. (Throw) It’s so much better. It’s so soft and perfect for snuggling up under it. The range of heat is perfect can have it ticking away on low (1) or all way up to (6) and feels like your in a hot bath all night long 😍🤣. One of the best things I ever bought. Mine was 80 quid. I’d have paid double that honestly. Don’t need the heaters on as much/high as before it’s great. Timer on it to from 1,3or 9 hrs.

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I bought my daughter ones. It’s an under the bed sheet one & I made sure it covered the whole bed (some are just 3/4’s).

I’ve got it on an Alexa plug, with a toner to come on/off. It’s snug when she gets into bed, but I don’t need to worry about her forgetting to turn it off. There are 3 setting, we are on the lowest. It fits over the mattress like a mattress protector would. I’ve just trawled through my Amazon orders, but I’m afraid I can’t find who made it.

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The one that goes missing, from 6 months ago when I took it off, and now appears to have vanished from the house!

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I’ve got the one that goes under the sheet, had it about 3 years now, dual control so I don’t have to heat up both sides if I don’t need. Think it’s the silent night one. Been through the wash a good few times now and is still going strong.
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