For parents with truly picky eaters - what things are you feeding them thag they actually like?

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Especially for breakfast..

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Waffles (he will only eat the eggo minis) or peanut butter toast.

Post by Abril »

A shake. Same one otherwise she won’t drink it. Pediasure, 1 bannana, 1 egg, and bannana nut protein oatmeal. She has one for dinner as well. During the day I have to hope she eats something.

Post by Mary »

French toast and pancakes and a waffles. Sometimes cereal but they all end up being the sugary ones so we don’t like to do it.

Post by Marcella »

I make smoothies. I used the carnation breakfast powder and mix it with milk, banana, blueberries, and a tiny amount of a veggie so he doesn’t notice the taste and color. You can pretty much add anything you like as long as you don’t put too much. He thinks he’s having chocolate milk!

Post by Anne »

I’m school days, I do smoothies (as mentioned by others), or a boiled egg and toast soldiers. I don’t care about the bread, but boiled egg is surprisingly easy to feed to a little kid. I just need him to have protein before school. Earlier this year o made a rule that if he was ready early, he could watch some cartoons. He got in a habit of the egg and now generally just eats it.

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My 2.5 yo son is being tested for autism soon, but he has a lot of sensory issues and food texture is one of them. Oatmeal, strawberries or bananas, eggie banana pancakes, cinnamon French toast cut up into bites with a little bit of dusted sugar (he doesn’t like syrup or pb…) I add a very small amount of unflavored protein powder to his oatmeal, and few things since he wont eat any meat or poultry/fish. Only way he will eat eggs is the eggie banana pancakes with cinnamon in them. Homemade fruit and veggie smoothie with a little protein powder sometimes, but usually not for breakfast.

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My 9yo has had plain (dry just toasted) waffle or pancake, or with peanut butter and sprinkles every day for breakfast for about the last 6 years. when she was little (2-5) years it was often a frozen waffle or pancake, like straight from the freezer uncooked bc she only ate things cold or room temperature.

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Banana pancakes! Mashed banana, egg, flour, cinnamon and vanilla. My daughter would eat them for every meal if I let her.

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What helps me to remember is breakfast is a meal. Doesn’t have to be “breakfast food”.

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Breakfast food is are safe foods currently. He loves raisin toast or regular toast with peanut butter, sausages or bacon, cereal, yogurt (I mix in veggie baby food and add some sprinkles on top). My PE stopped eating any veggie at 2 years old, he use to drink smoothies but he won’t anymore.
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