My daughter was constipated right?

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Long story short... My daughter was constipated right? forward to taking a lax and the past two days she's pooped more than usual not diarrhea though...

Anyway, is loss of appetite a side effect even after she stops pooping so much?

Shes literally only nibbled all day like 4 tater tots just now and some juice she doesn't even want banana or toast which she loves it's terrifying me.

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My kid never had side effects... Was on a small dose of miralax a few times a week for a few months. And now she doesn't need it. See if it persists then email your doc. Every kid can be different.

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When my toddler is constipated, she eats less. I just try to keep her hydrated.

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Also, my tummy hurts when I'm constipated could just be that.
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