Any books or anything that has helped your little ones?

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I have an extreme picky eater and I'm not kidding was told by several OT he isn't making any progress one played like 30 minutes before trying to get him to eat the other just worked on actually eating but no change and he doesn't qualify for the special feeding program because he can not tell them what he prefers or wants.

I'm not pushing anything he had been in OT since 8 months he is 3.

Any books or anything that has helped your little ones.

I am useally a prvite person when it comes to telling stuff but my son has autism he is also delayed in speech so I do not know if that makes any difference but I truly want to help my son in healthy ways he has been in several OTs he has seen specialists with OTs he has seen nutritionist and now I'm here to ask what stuff or books can help me understand how to feed my son or help my son.

He is the happiest kid I know but the pickiest foody I have met he is my joy.

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Have you tried a dietitian. They may be able to come up with suggestions. Does he ever mouth anything? Could be an indicator of textural preference.

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How many OT sessions did you go to before coming to a decision?if you don't mind me asking because she maybe 3 outta7 days a week she'll eat decently and that's only if I guide her to the fork and spoon otherwise shell either eat from my mouth or take it from my hand she's 2 on the 21st.

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Stories of Extreme Picky Eating by Friedman.

Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating by Rowel and McGlothlin.

I was able to get both from my public library. Easy reads.
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