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So I used a transitional poem to essentially split two different parts of the book somewhat elegantly.
I will not translate the first 4 lines due to a designdecision.
Opinions of any kind are welcome 🙂
Die Kaffeeversorgung ist gut,
die Kaffeeversorgung ist prächtig,
Geld ist mir zu mächtig.
Es macht den Planeten kaputt.
Our passions block our vision, black ice,
goals, traps, lies, conformity deny our eyes.
Sentience sources such sacrilegious secularisation.
for unfounded claims based on the world’s central location
ruin carries over from generation to generation.
Love appears an accusation
as tents divide,
antidote seems nowhere, far and wide.
A war is coming
and we’re stuck here,
Here with the many things,
with the relatives.
Hunger ravages Sam here,
for - for.. nothing.
Also, I like how it appears to vocally trip between traps and lies, at least when I read it out loud I somehow dislocate the intonation.
And absolutely call out the terrible meter except the one present in stolen 4 lines.

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