What's the strangest thing that happened to you on a date?

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Tell me, What's the strangest thing that happened to you on a date?

Post by Obey »

He asked me if I hold my transport Fare!!!!

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Yes I had one
It was actually Thursday 1st July in my office but I wrote 31st June on the final document,
It was embarrassing

Post by Leo »

went on a Date With her.
before I will pay, Babe don pay still give me package to give my mother, but my hungry coursemate carry the takeaway run.

Post by Adetunji »

I waited outside the restaurant & told her I was inside waiting for her, only to see her accompanied by her friend. You know the rest of the story

Post by Austin »

She came with 2 of her friends, I acted normal, we all ordered what we wanted, as we were eating, I just answered a fake call and left the place and that was the end.

Post by Esther »

On that faithful Saturday noon, I dressed very well with my Yvonne Chaka chaka outfit, a handbag and my heely footwear.

The bike man dropped me at the entrance to my boivrend's street, I have already sighted my boivrend coming towards me while I was happily catwalking to go and hug him and to also plant plenty kisses on his forehead.

I started hearing little noises from behind and when I turned it was small children that was mimicking some sort of masquerade so I thought they were real, I took to my heels, flung my handbag while at it with deep and terror screams, I tripped and somassaulted ,as I was rolling on the ground the children had picked up my handbag and shoe and was running towards me shouting "hanty wait hanty wait", I don't know how i landed at my boivrend's feet with my body messed up and the children holding my handbag and shoe with "hanty sorry". It was a sight to behold 🤣.

My boivrend was shaming on my behalf because the street people had ran out to watch the scene. I couldn't even get up because of shame, my boivrend wey no dey talk before was just staring in anger and confusion. When we manage reach house we didn't talk to each other, and we never discussed it
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