I have an almost 4-year-old. As soon as he turned 2 he became extremely picky

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I feel so defeated..
Breakfast foods: eggs, waffles, pancakes (we add banana for some fruit), ham, and bacon. Chocolate milk

Lunch/dinner is a struggle: mac and cheese, Alfredo pasta, carne asada or ground meat tacos with cheese usually. Chicken nuggets and frieds from chick fil a or culvers only. yogurt, and juice or water.

That is all he eats. He used to eat apples and chicken, spaghetti and lately all are a hard no.

I don’t know what to do. He won’t try any fruits or vegetables he just wines or gags.

I had him evaluated when he was 2.5 and the dietician didn’t think it was sensorial to just keep trying to expose him to new food without forcing.

If you read all this thank you and I’ll take any advice.

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No advice but do bananas make the pancakes taste different? My son’s 4.5 and has been picky since 2. Still won’t eat meat, fruits, or veggies (aside from occasional chicken or apple).

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I see lots of healthy foods he eats. I feel like at this age we have to let them eat what they like and know. But still offer new things. I was putting so much pressure on myself and my daughter to eat it made us both have bad anxiety.

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I agree, I think that’s a pretty good list right there! I would just keep offering him what he likes with new foods too, but I think what he does eat, is actually pretty great. I would be thrilled if my kid ate half of those things!

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That’s actually not too bad. His tastes will probably change, mine only seems to like one or two things for a while (like chicken nuggets or buttered noodles) then switches to Mac and cheese. The switch is always sudden and usually after I buy a whole bunch of the things he used to like 😳 keep reading this page and you’ll feel better.

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That’s more than what my son eats. If he ate that I would be soOo happy...
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