My 2 year old has been wanting to eat ice all day every day!

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Has someone else have there kid do this?

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Craving ice could be a sign of low iron, just be mindful of that 🙂 might be worth getting checked.

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Could be a toddler thing, that’s what tastes good to them so that’s what they want, also could be iron.

I don’t understand the need for all the comments saying “mine eats ice, iron is fine” that’s wonderful, but if there’s a chance that their iron is off why not look into it? I’m anemic and so is my 3 year old, she’ll eat up to 3-4 ice pops a day if I let her (which yeah for my sanity sometimes I do) but she also fights me on her iron supplements so I know why, it’s her being picky+her iron. If that’s not the case for you that’s fine but its still important to check.

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My son loves to chew ice. His iron is fine.

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Me! I did and still do that. I prefer soft ice now like from sonic. Yes, it can be a sign of low iron but from a child to adulthood I never had issues so it can vary. Again this was/is my personal experience. Go with your gut regardless and I wish you and your little one all the luck and soft ice.

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Yup!!! My 2-year-old is obsessed. He's finally starting to forget about ice months later lol we would have to buy bags of ice from chick fil a :lol:

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Could be sensory. Could be because he just like it (I love ice). But if it's low Iron related, it's called PICA. Given the picky eating, it would be worth investigation. My son is low in iron every year when we check his bloods due to his severe restrictive eating.

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Both mine have gone through that, though my youngest, it's only when she's sick. It's her comfort in soothing a tummy, a sore throat, when she coughs.
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