I have a picky eater he us 3

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My son started preschool  but he was eating even less and one day we saw him itching in his bum like in the are where he goes. We called the doctor and the doctor checked him... and send medication for pin worms.

I know sounds horrible, I didn’t even know this was a thing! But the doctor said this AFFECTS THE APPETITE of kids and can be contracted  for playing with the sand. My son was playing all the time  with sand at preschool and he will get it everywhere.  I always bathe him right away but still.

Just want to share it because I didn't  have idea this could be.

And definitely I have seen an improvement of his appetite. So always talk to your pediatrician you never know if something else it's happening.

By the way I live in USA and I have seen the preschool sand box and it looked "clean" and the park where we go doesn't have sand.

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You can get them anywhere. Just from touching surfaces then putting your fingers in your mouth. It’s nothing to do with the place being dirty or sand etc. They’re also not really found in sand.

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Oh my! My son plays in the garden sand all the time! Did your son get de worming medicine?
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