I wanted to know if any of the parents here have kids on the spectrum?

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My son is 4 and non verbal and the challenges I face trying to get him to eat something different is so challenging.

He can't speak...

I'll make the world for him, but I just don't know what he wants to eat.

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Have you seen the FB page / blog Finding Cooper’s Voice. It's written by a mother of 4 and one son is non verbal and has a limited diet. It may be searchable to find some suggestions.

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My kid is 4 very picky eater was a late talker. Even now that he is capable of requesting food he wants, if I ask him he still say" I don't know what I want to eat".

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My 2yr old is non verbal and literally lives off milk and fruit bars. I literally don't know what to do anymore. Your Definitely not alone mama.

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I teach sped kindergarten- there are so many wonderful apps to help communicate his wants and needs with predictive and dynamic pages. You can add more pictures too. We love touchat and lamp!

Good luck

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Our kiddo was nonverbal until 3. I promise you, it does get better! He is 8 now and eats so much. We found repeated exposure, watching videos of other kids eating foods, and finding things with the same consistency or color really helped. But the thing that was the biggest help was putting him in pre-k with NT kiddos his age. By the end of his 2nd year he was trying so many new things that he had refused at home because his friends told him it was good.

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Do not have a child with ASD, but could you take pictures of his foods and then ask him to point at the one he wants?

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My daughter is on the Spectrum. I have a hard time trying to get her to eat.

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My son is 3 on the spectrum and non verbal and he survives off of ripple milk, kids protein shake and crunchy snacks like veggies straw, veggie chips, cereal etc. I offer him whatever I’m eating and he is also offered food at school! Haven’t had a meal meal in months!
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