My toddler is 2.5 and she REFUSES just about everything

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She mainly likes some fruits and her snacks like goldfish etc. But she won’t eat eggs, bread, meat, pancakes, waffles, just about all of that kind of stuff.

She only eats some kind of pasta; she WON’T eat any veggies.

Shell mainly eat French fries but that’s just about it. I’m kind of at a loss at what to make her for her meals anymore.

Any advice?

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I feel like we are living the same life...

My 2-year-old will not even any meat, bread, pasta, veggies, crackers, anything with sauce or anything "wet", nothing tan or brown, nothing with cheese... Won't eat chicken nuggets or pizza... It's rare when I can get her to eat creamy ramen noodles, but even then she will only have maybe 3 bites.

I find myself not eating some days just because she won't eat

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First, I would highly recommend that you eat 5x a day for modelling (as in 3 meals 2 snacks). Also, for your own health and nutrition. Just because you have a picky eater doesn't mean you shouldn't eat.

Try to detach from her eating. Cook and eat things you like. Share that love of food with her in a completely pressure free way.

"I'm making spring rolls. I haven't made spring rolls in a long time. I like spring rolls"

"Heyy look at mummy's plate. I've almost got a rainbow. Can you see red, yellow, green, orange and purple!"

As for dinner, it doesn't matter if you just serve 1-3 of her safe foods. We've done so many dinners where my PE just ate plain pasta.

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Ah. I just uttered the same sentence to my husband. What are we going to give him tonight!
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