I don’t want to sound like a horrible parent but I’m worried about my daughters future with food

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Sometimes I wonder if a G tube is something we should consider.

I couldn’t utter the word for months. She was born with feeding difficulties and severe reflux and ties that were released with reattachment.

Her latch on the bottle was poor since birth and translated into solids. We have done therapy for over a year and she still can’t chew.

She will not eat without distraction. Now she pockets food even if it’s super soft. Her feeding is worsening instead of improving.

Have any parents been in this situation or considered the G tube to help while we focus on feeding in a better way?

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I could have written this myself. Hugs to you muma... I’ve just gone through your previous post, and it also sounds like exact story of mine. Can I PM you tomorrow morning.. I still struggle a lot but have found ways to make my 3.5yr old soft foods.

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Have you spoken with your doctor about a tube? They would really know best if this is something to consider. I had some concerns about my LO....not food related....and they explained why my concerns were understandable and also why they as psychologists were not thinking what I was thinking, and it put me at ease right away. I think professional advice is really the way to go.
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