My 2 years old does not eat proper meals

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He was getting underweight day by day. We started force feeding him atleast two proper meals but nothing is working.

Help please..

We have tried love play anger everything.

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If you havent brought him to a pediatrician/developmental pediatrician, please do so... They can usually look for the underlying cause like iron deficiency or hypothyroidism, do lab workups if needed, prescribe appetite boosters and appropriate vitamins and minerals.

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Please don't force feed, it makes things worse not better.

Have you watched the Guides?

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Please stop forcing. Apologize and reassure him it’ll never happen again. The effect of force feeding will last much longer than weight loss. Many two year olds don’t eat proper meals. Understanding why he’s losing weight is the first step that your trusted dr can assist you with. Don’t expect him to eat as much as he did last year. He’s not doubling in size every year anymore. Please seek assistance asap.

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The trouble with force feeding is that he may develop food phobias and eating disorders for life. He will also lose trust in his parents for life. If he's so young he may get better over time with feeding, but never force again and also when he says no, you have to accept it so that he can learn to trust you again. That could take several months. Like others have said, I do recommend you seek professional advice.

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I’m sorry that you had to resource to force eating. Please remember that as it could work at the beginning, it is actually making it worse long term. I know how you feel and how frustrating this is.

Be patient, focus on trying to enjoy meal.

Times, singing songs, telling stories, make jokes. Singing helps us a lot at the table to lower my anxiety. Maybe try to re-plan your feeding schedules. Have your kid to fix their plate and select their food (from given choices)
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