My son is 5. Has been in feeding therapy since he was 2

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He eats 7 foods. Peanut butter and “dark red parts” of bacon are the only protein he has ever eaten. Won’t eat bread, rice, noodles, dairy, pasta, or any vegetables. Watermelon is one of his safe foods, and is also the only fruit he will eat.

I just wanted to say that if you relate to my son’s very limited list, which we have fought hard for, then I see you. You’re not alone. This is really hard. Probably the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. And you are brave for facing it head on everyday. Even the days you don’t “work with them” and just give them endless amounts of their safe foods that may not have any nutritional value.

Even that is hard and you are brave for putting one foot in front of the other.

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Can I ask, do you feel the feeding therapy has helped?

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My 10 yr old son is a constant worry to me with his limited amounts of foods he will even try. He is a very tender hearted sweet boy and I know he isn't doing this to be stubborn. It's very troubling.

We had 7 daughters before him, and another daughter 3 yrs after him. None of the girls have these issues, maybe a few dislikes but with him, I constantly have to figure out something I can find for him to eat.

He will eat scrambled eggs, well cooked bacon, peanut butter on a spoon, no soft white bread, not Eben toasted but will eat pancakes and biscuits...he will eat the corn bread around a corn dog but refuse the hot dog part...but will eat Bar S hot dogs cooked in a skillet. Occasionally he will eat a small helping of mac and cheese IF he puts seasoning salt on it. He will eat turkey, cooked ham and baked or grilledchicken, thin pork chops and sometimes a bread or cheese.

He eats certain pizzas and certain chicken nuggets, various chips but only eats a few green beans and cooked carrots..with seasoning salt. He will eat cream of chicken soup and loves my homemade chicken and dumplings. He won't eat applesauce, no chocolate cake or donuts but will eat powered or glazed donuts.

I think that is about it. It's very frustrating and sometimes I go off and cry. He used to eat bean soup and spaghetti but not now. He used to be thin but 3 years ago began to stay indoors more, on his tablet more and has gained a lot of weight to the point I'm very concerned. I have been in nursing school the past few years and now work long overnight shifts. He and his little sister are homeschooled by an older sister and they aren't getting as much outdoor time now. I feel like a terrible failure as a mother...and I'm very tired of this struggle.

I am thinking about taking him to a therapist who deals with picky eating.

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Yes, thanks for sharing. It’s so hard but also important to have hope. I have two with a very limited diet and I was an extremely picky eater as a child. Only ate bacon and one specific thing at two fast food restaurants for protein. And a bunch of snack foods. No bread, pasta, rice, fruits, or vegetables. I taught myself to eat more in college, and while I’m still not super adventurous, I eat a variety of proteins, fruits, and veggies. And I’m fine! No health issues from such a limited and low-nutrition diet as a child.

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Thank you for sharing. THIS IS HARD. And I remind myself of all the amazing qualities my child has when I feel hopeless about her eating habits. She is not as limited as your child, but she is still very limited (only eats brand specific protein). Just try to focus on all their qualities and don't go down that drain of despair. We are in it together.
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