How often did you offer new foods to your child before they started to try the food and eat it?

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Did you offer the new food at every meal? Once a day?

Thank you..

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It can take a long time for a child to try new foods.. some children it can take up to 30 times offering the same food( depending on things like sensory etc)..

We try 1 new food every 2 weeks. It's on the plate with everything else but minimal of it so not to scare him (I’d trialing peas 1 or 2 peas max)..

Atn we have been trialing carrots for weeks now and he actually after e weeks ate some in a bowl of rice without picking I out.. so now we put it on the plate with his main food he will eat but add a new food..

It is a long process but if you stick with it you see results,

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Less than once a day. I do it occasionally.

Impossible to say how often I offered and was rejected. I don't catalogue it. I know he started eating broccoli again at 3.5 after not eating it for like 2 years.
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