My 2.5-year-old for months and months now will not eat any real meals

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Only snack type foods or fruit. We let him have a lot of fruit but limit the more junky snacks like goldfish or cereal bars. For months and months now, I’d say close to a year, we have been doing the thing where we don’t force dinner or lunch or anything but we don’t offer snacks after when he starts asking. We do allow fruit. What happens is that he starts saying he’s hungry and asking for something right before bed. We offer the leftover dinner or whatever and he still refuses it I would say 90% of the time so we allow a banana or a yogurt before bed. This has been going on so long that I feel like things should have changed by now and he should be eating some dinner. I’m stressed out that he lives on goldfish, cereal bars, fruit and yogurt. Sometimes he’ll eat meatballs. That’s about it! I really hate this, my two older ones (5 and 6) are similar but do eat more than him. He won’t eat even junky food like pizza or pb&j, or nuggets or fries. He doesn’t drink anything but water, no milk whatsoever,

I’ve tried smoothies, they’re hit or miss but he never takes more than a few sips. No eggs, no mashed potatoes, no veggies at all, no burgers, no cheese… it’s so weird to me!!! I’m so tired

Of my kids not eating meals.

I’m so tired of any family events or anything where they are the only ones even out of other kids, who don’t eat a thing. They ate NOTHING at thanksgiving. Nothing. not even a bread roll.

I know we aren’t supposed to care what people think or feel judged but I do feel like I had to have done something wrong at some point. This isn’t normal and it isn’t right because they aren’t getting proper healthy balanced nutrition their bodies.

I’m so frustrated. At what point do you seek more help?

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Do you serve a plate of dinner for him every night? But he eats zero of it?

You should try the No Pressure approach and Family Style meals. You don't put anything on his plate he doesn't want.

My PE didn't start trying new foods AT ALL until we started doing no pressure.

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Will he drink veggie&fruit pouches? Just to introduce a variety but the same predictable texture. Try eating in novel places like the bathtub during a bubble bath, feed him bites. I know it sounds weird but the bubble bath scent masks food smells, it’s calming and new. Or have him feed you bites of your dinner? Pretend like you’re the baby and you need help. They love it and it gives a positive experience with no expectations on them.

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I don’t have much advice as I’m trying to figure out myself why my daughter doesn’t want to eat or drink much. I want you to know you’re not alone. You’re a great mom and doing your best. It’s tough when you try to keep them healthy and fed while not crossing the line and making them resent you because of food.

Would you be open to seeing a feeding therapist for an evaluation?

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I found that with "extreme picky eaters" it's best to lower our expectations of what is considered "normal" eating. I agree with the "no pressure" approach. As long as my son is getting calories, food is food. I used to worry about my son eating "junk" but not anymore. Food is food as long as it has calories.

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Same here. I don't know what to do any more.
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