Anyone else is dealing with the same level of pickyness? What do you do?

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My almost 3 year old daughter eats: Banana, avocado, blueberries, apple, scramble eggs, ground beef, grilled chicken, fish finger, white rice, sometimes french fries, sometimes soup, pancake, spaguettis, shredded cheese, bread, milk and yogurt. That's all!

She hates veggies, purées, smoothies, juices, or anything else in the world. Also, what I mentioned above would be only in the texture I mentioned (example: cheese would be only as shredded cheese). She wouldn't touch food if I change anything on it.

My concern is, she is at the daycare, and they offer variety of textures, and she barely eats because food needs to be prepared the way she likes.

Anyone else is dealing with the same level of pickyness? What do you do?

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If my lil one ate a 1/4 of these things our entire universe would be different. Even with the texture preferences she eats extremely well. I can notbeven image this as a reality for us.

Your extrememly blessed, and she is doing so very well.

Re: daycare. Can they not accommodate you or let you pack her lunch? Or I onow this may not be an option but can she do less daycare days?

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You absolutely do belong here. Just because she's not as picky as some other kids, doesn't mean she's not picky. Obvious she is picky.

I agree it's a decent range. Her nutrition bases are covered.

Have you seen the Group Guides?

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This is A LOT of food :lol: maybe the wrong page for you to be on 🤣. My daughter eats plain white rice and water :lol:

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My daughter is 4 and at a similar level, very stubborn, very anxious around new food. it’s very frustrating being caught on that threshold of “they eat enough different things so it’s not a problem, stop worrying m” but still never being able to introduce new foods or ways of preparing things. My health visitor has no advice other than to persist but I do feel very lost. Thankfully she’s under a consultant for her egg allergy which I think contributes to her fear and they’ve said if it’s still the same when she’s 5-6 then they can refer her to a psychologist to help overcome it. I don’t have a magic answer, but I wanted you to know that I understand how worrying and frustrating it is to be in that limbo.

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My almost 3 yr old eat maybe half that. It’s been difficult. He used to love veggies and now doesn’t. He doesn’t like those pouches with fruit, veggies or applesauce but wish he did. It’s stressful when your son comes to you crying saying “Mama eat ! Mama Hungy!” It tears me apart. We offer everything we can. Some days we are ok and others we are not.

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this list sounds a lot to me! 😃 I was complaining when she only ate avocadoes, eggs bananas and yoghurt all the time now looking back it was so great I wish she ate them all again.

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At 3 our boy ate sausages, apples and crackers. I would just be thankful that even though your little one has a restricted diet it has alot of good stuff so try not to stress.

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If my kid woukd eat ground beef and chicken and egg (in any shape or texture), along with other things you mentioned, I would have been very glad. I think your child is doing great.

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That's a very balanced diet! I would love it if my daughter ate even a quarter of that :D

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That's way more than most kids.
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