I’m going to see my GP tomorrow and am going to ask for some testing to be done

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Hi all, I’m going to see my GP tomorrow and am going to ask for some testing to be done. In particular a gut microbiome test. Just wondering what else I should ask for? I’ll write a bit about my issues and symptoms below.
  • Suspected wheat/gluten sensitivity. When I eat food with gluten I have a sore & bloated belly, and have blood in my stool.
  • When I drink alcohol I feel nauseous afterwards (no matter the amount, even one drink) and sometimes the next day I have blood in my stool.
  • I have “chicken skin” on my arms (Keratosis Pilaris)
  • I have little pimples on my bum cheeks (similar to the ones on my arms)
  • I crave sugary foods often, especially chocolate
I also suspect I may have a parasite. Any thing I can do to test for this?

I’m currently breastfeeding too if that matters.

Thanks so much in advance!

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GPs don't like being told what to do or what tests to get. They decide that, based on your symptoms and conditions, and whether you meet the Medicare requirements for those tests. Just state and list all your symptoms and conditions, and they will order what they feel is needed.

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It seems you already know the answers to some of your problems. Stop eating gluten & sugar. Or at least start reducing, especially if you're breastfeeding. Follow Dr Dingles advice on gut health. I'm sure your symptoms will subside. I don't bother with seeing GPs anymore and I'm so much better off.

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Ask for a celiac screening blood test.

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GPs don't generally do this testing. A naturopath or gut health nutritionist will.

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I’d ask your gp to do a general screening first to check your levels of everything and include the health of your liver. Then I’d ask for a colonoscopy as others have suggested. The alcohol issue that’s easily fixed.
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