I am planning on beginning Keto the first of the new year

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I did keto about 4 years ago and I lost 40 pounds and it helped with my PCOS symptoms.

Wellllll now I’m a mom of 2 small kiddos and I’m trying to figure out how to be the only person in my family on keto without having to make two different dinners every night and breaking the bank on groceries! Any advice is wanted!


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Meat and veggies with the family. Meal prep for the week ahead.

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Last night I made pasta with meat sauce for my family. I substituted zucchini noodles for the pasta. Easy. Most dinners are a protein and veggies for me. The family has an added starch (rice, potato, etc)

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I do it all the time and I just eat meat and veggies. They eat potatoes and french fries. It works well

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You can do it! I am carnivore & I just make more of whatever meat we are having and the rest of the family gets all the sides.

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I eat the meat and veg and they have the rice, potatoes etc with it and I don't x I meal prep so if they have pizza etc I always have something....if all else fails. They have what they want and I have 2 tins of tuna, mayo and some walnuts...filling and yummy x
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