Anybody here diagnosed with diabetes and have any tips for me?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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I am waiting for your advice..

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I have had Type 2 diabetes since 2014. Started Keto in 11/21 at that time my A1c was 7.2 [taken in 8/21]. In 8/22 my A1c was 5.6. So Keto really does help bring my blood sugar down, I'm sticking with it. I feel so much better.

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I did keto with intermittent fasting and cured my type 2 diabetes I’ve had for 8 years with sugars in the 400’s and A1c at almost 14. I started in May and by September my A1c was down to 5.2.

No medication, I refused to take metformin. The doctor couldn’t believe it… I’m also 42 years old… he was in shock lol.

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My husband a truckie away from home dignosed with type 2 18months,ago .he was,a very sick man fighting for his life I'd been on keto 8 weeks before dignosed. Within 6 months of keto reversed diabetes lost 45 kg and no longer diebetic. Still living life on road we r very strick keto nothing outside keto have all cooking and meals made while away .blew the doctor away reversed so fast.have to be strict and focused because life it self is more important than bad food.

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I was diagnosed type 2 back in January. My A1C was 8.7 and just 7 months I went down to 6. But the diet does makes you feel better and you can reverse it. Do what your Dr says and don't take anything for granted. Stick with it. You'll know how you feel. Lord knows I feel better.

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In May 2022 my HbA1c was 10.3. I did my pre-admission testing for upcoming hip replacement surgery last week and my HbA1c was 4.9. Since the end of May I have been on a Ketogenic diet along with taking Mounjaro, a once a week injectable. I have also lost over 70 lbs in that same timeframe. It works, you just have to commit to the lifestyle change. Did not even cheat over Thanksgiving because I feel to good to ruin my progress.

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When speaking with an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes, type 2, she said apply the following. To lower your A1C keep your carbs to no more than 20 per meal. To maintain your A1C once hitting the target number keep carbs at 25-30 a meal. Any carbs higher than that and you will raise it. Also, it’s not always about just carbs. There are good carbs and bad carbs for diabetics. You need to research what a glycemic index is and what a glycemic load is. Anything below 50 on a glycemic index is good for type 2 diabetic. Anything below 10 on a glycemic load scale is good for type 2 diabetic. Playing just the carb game is dangerous because it’s so easy to fall off the wagon. Diabetes requires a life style change backed by research and knowledge of how your body processes each food. Also, foods higher in fiber make your body work harder to digest it, not giving it as much focus on absorbing the sugars so fiber is your friend.

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My A1C was 11.1 and glucose was 331

I did very low carb. Exercise and with in 1.5 months I went down to 9.1 and 212. Just gotta want it. Discipline yourself. You got this
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