How did you guys stop smoking cigarettes? Need Some Tips

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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What do you have brother?

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Gave up & stopped going round with smokers will power it took 2 yrs been given up 26 yrs

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There is a brand on Instagram called escothebrand and it’s a vitamin B Vape pen that has no nicotine or tobacco, it helped my brother cut down his smoking & it helps me with energy when I’m super depressed/tired. It also helps with the hand to mouth feeling (I hope that makes sense)

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Just quit. No aid. It’s awful.

Still is after a month but I don’t wanna go thru what I just went thru again so sticking to it.

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I cut back gradually. First I started smoking only 1/2 a cig at time for a week or so, then cut back on frequency (stretching from every 2ish hours to 3-4 hours). After a few weeks of that I switched from cigarettes to a vape with refillable liquid. I started gradually reduced the nicotine strength from 9mg to 6mg to 3mg down to zero. I did that over the course of about 8 weeks. It took me a few months but cold turkey never worked and I didn’t have any withdrawal effects.

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Cold Turkey and a tootsie pop every time I would normally go outside for one at work. I went to bed REAL early too 🤪. Essential oils can be beneficial as well…..peppermint, Thieves, Black Pepper. I also recently learned that the antidepressant Wellbutrin is often used to help someone quit.

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I used patches. I’ve quit so many times and this last time (2+ years ago), I knew it was time. You have to really be ready or you’ll disappoint yourself. Allen Carr’s book is a great read, too. And I chew a lot of gum, it helps.

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I did it cold turkey when I got diagnosed with blood clots in my lungs. My husband used Chantix

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I stopped at the same time as doing a three day fast. When I could eat again, I didn't want to smoke.

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Cut down cigarettes daily then went on to a vape and slowly cut down the nicotine till I was on 0mg and flavourless then just stopped that also been 7 years now haven’t touched either

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I’ve smoked since I was 13/14 now 36 and I never take my cigs out my house (unless going out drinking). I can easily pass days without smoking when travelling etc. I’m not addicted. But I do enjoy it xx

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I pulled every single hair out of my head. 🤣🤣
Seriously, I smoked two packs of cigarettes one night when I was out with the girls and woke up not being able to breathe. I never touched it again. It scared me. I guess that was a blessing in disguise…
Plus, my dad, mom and grandparents all died from complications of smoking. It was a wake up call for me. They all lugged around oxygen tanks… it was awful to watch and awful I smoked through that!

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Cold Turkey and increased health anxiety made me quit after 20+ years. Been smoke free 3 1/2 years and would never go back to it.

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I switched to a vape after 24 years of smoking lowered the mg after two years and now I use it only when I'm stressed the mg is now 0 it wasn't easy.
Ke Ith

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Cold turkey! I use to smoke black and mile a pack a day or close to.. A box of cigs was nothing to go through. I tried the gum the ecig the patch nothing worked.

The first 3 days are the hardest. Any time you feel like you need to smoke watch a cancer video or a video on how to back smoking for your health. I use to do that and many pushups until the smoking urge went away. After a week it got easier. I also threw away anything that reminded me of smoking ( ashtrays lighters friends my ex ) focus Ion the goal of why you want to quit everyday. And then finally you would notice your taste buds are. back, I'm now 7 years no smoking.

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I switched to a vape after 24 years of smoking lowered the mg after two years and now I use it only when I'm stressed the mg is now 0 it wasn't easy.

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Cold turkey. Stood outside the pub in a storm smoking one night and just thought ‘what the hell am I doing!!’ And that as my last cigarette. It was hard but only for a couple weeks then got much easier. 10 years now. Go for it. You will be so pleased you did. Sending love

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Lots of prayer and asking people to pray for me. This went on for years. I am to weak for this addiction. Heavy smoker 30 years! I prayed and fasted and after knew it was time, today is 40 days.

My husband bought me a pack of hemp cigarettes just cbd no thc. They are none addictive and are pretty harsh. I had those for the hard moments. It kept me from buying a pack.

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Smoked 15 years try chantex I swear by it. I told my dr I can’t ever stop he goes you better. He prescribed it for me a Patch holy cow 2 days later I couldn't smoke. At least with the patch then all sudden 2 weeks later no patch or smokes. I couldn’t believe it I’ve got family over 30 years it worked as well for. Try it call your dr!
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