Anybody with Colonoscopy experience?

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I’m having mine tomorrow and freaking out a bit.

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it's not unpleasent at all, the worse part is def all the prep.

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They will give you anesthesia that will relax you and you will fall asleep. The procedure does not take long. When they wake you up you won't have any after affects, no pain, nothing. I have had it three times, already.

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It’s a piece of cake —it will be over before you know it —-the worse part is drinking that stuff.

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It's easy I've had 5 or 6 done I also get a endoscopy at the same time never had a problem just relax I stressed my first time also but after it was done I was like that's it honestly it's real easy.

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Nothing to it... Except for the day before prepare to spend most your time on the toilet.

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My daughter decided to do the pill cam recommended by her doctor which goes through the whole intestine into the large bowel so after she swallowed it she went shopping at the mall, went back and they took the data off it and then of course it comes out after your first bowel movement.

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my sister just had one. She said that it felt like it was done in the blink of an eye. They give you some sedation. She felt like she blinked and it was done. Then she had an excuse to just laze around in her pjs for the rest of the day. They gave her pictures of her colon which was pretty cool :lol:
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