Do cats need their teeth cleaned, if yes, how is it done?

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I have a healthy 6 year old cat. Lately I saw his teeth getting paler. I asked a few friends if they cleaned their cats teeth but no one did.

My question is, do cats need their teeth cleaned, if yes, how is it done?


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Generally, they put them under anesthesia and have them cleaned. It is best to do that route as they can really get a good cleaning done as most pets don’t just willingly open their mouth and let you look around and get a good cleaning done. They can have plenty of dental issues just like us humans, except we brush our teeth, so animal’s mouths are generally loaded with bacteria. I’d consult with your veterinarian to try to get a dental cleaning done. - ER veterinary nurse.

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Yes they need cleaning. Like Jess said talk with your vet. Our cats have bad genetics and one has bad teeth. She had dental surgery last week with a deep cleaning. You can also help keep them clean by brushing them, an oral gel, water additive, and dental treats. I would ask your vet if they recommend any. We have used an oral gel and treats in the past but it doesn’t replace deep cleaning from a vet.
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