I believe my 11 month old pup is in a heat cycle due to her vulva and nipples being very swollen

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I also noticed since then she has been leaking urine.. is this normal during heat cycle or should I make a vet visit?

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Likely very close to heat cycle. Although mine haven't had urine incontinence, my pups have had to urinate more frequently. If you haven't experienced heat before, be sure to be very vigilant when your pup is outside. I keep mine on a long lead as we don't want an accidental pregnancy. Also your pup may have some behavioral changes too---mine tends to be overly sensitive to loud noises or distant noises (just easily spooked). I have heard of "silent heats" but I haven't personally experienced those. I would just recommend monitoring it over the next few days. My vet will sometimes advise over the phone. Hope that helps.

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The 1st time mine went on heat it was the same, very swollen and licking before she started bleeding and they do need to urinate more often. Her symptoms also lasted for a while before the actual bleeding started. It seems like the normal signs of coming into heat but give the vet a call if you are unsure then they will give their expert advice.
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