What medication does everyone use for there dogs that have arthritis?

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Many years ago I had another dog on it who did just fine. I just had to make sure he had yearly bloodwork done.

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I have an 11 year old 70lb mix dog. He has severe arthritis… I make edibles, although not recommended by a vet it has done wonders for my man everyday. May I add that I don’t make Cbd edibles.

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Gabapentin, dasuquin, a probiotic from keeping tummy upset & adequan shots monthly. Yes all of that😅 she has very advanced arthritis and couldn’t walk when we first took her in but with these medications we’ve been able to keep her walking and as comfortable as possible for over a year.

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Dasuquin advanced worked great for my older pup for awhile, then we added rimadyl.

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I use cosequin. I started my GSD on one a day a 2 years but due to poor breeding he started having trouble at 4 years with jumping into the car bumped him up to two which is what's recommend and he's doing great at 6 years old. My 13-year-old man also does great on cosequin.

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Synovi joint chews have done wonders for my senior girl with a bad knee. I ordered then on Amazon, recommended to me by a vet. When it flares badly she gets a round of carprofen, but this isn't a medication they should be on all the time.

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I used CBD oil for my previous seniors. This was a while back as they are now in heaven.
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