When do I need to make the final call and have her put down… it does hurt her

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Hi.. So, I have an 8 year old ,almost nine, toy poodle/dachshund and we’ve had her since she was 2… but this year right after I had my first baby we took her to the vet for a mass growing on her breasts and confirmed it was breast cancer, it is the size of closer to a baseball… the surgery in our area would be around $2,000 as they would have to remove all of the breasts and what not and we just couldn’t do that. But she has since then gotten worse, lost most of her hair, here lately she’s had diarrhea, and today she’s puked at least five times.

Some foamy, some mucusy, and some dog food in large amounts. My question is… when do I need to make the final call and have her put down… it does hurt her.

We have to carry her a certain way so we don’t touch it and sometimes when she scratches she scratches it and it bleeds a decent amount for a long while..

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Start on a cooked diet. Stop all dog food. Order from Amazon Essiac for dogs. It helps cure cancers and on the tumour I would add a mixture of golden seal powder, tumeric and aloe Vera gel paste. Leave it on for awhile then wash off. You can also use Natures aid. Less messy. Cook a dog recipe or beef bone broth. Daily massages to help calm and heal. Most importantly is her quality of life. Is she happy. Eating drinking playing peeing okay diarrhea is that due to meds? What meds is she on?

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It sounds like you know the time is close. Mammary cancer is painful and at this point has likely spread to other organs. If she isn't on any pain meds, you could try that, but if her comfort can't be managed, then it's time to make a decision.

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So sorry this is happening. For your next dog please get it desexed asap. Reproductive hormones help feed this type of cancers.

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. It is all about quality of her life now. Is she spending most of her time in pain or so drugged up that she doesn't know you are there? Listen to her and you will know. Gentle hugz.

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It sounds like her quality of life has deteriorated immensely. I think the time has come to make the hardest but the most loving and humane decision. If nothing else put yourself in her place and would you want to suffer like it seems she is?

I hope you can let her go without much more suffering. Best wishes to the two of you.

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When the bad days outweigh the good, it is time. I had to make this decision last week - it’s hard, but the kindest thing you can do for your pet.
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