In Keto.. My most biggest challenge is no sugar

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I just started Keto and my most biggest challenge is no sugar. Any suggestions for how to stay focused and not give in to my cravings and what do you do to not feel deprived?


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Tell yourself you can have it later after you lose the weight

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This superfood is so incredibly healthy and rejuvenating to every cell in your body, I recommend eating it everyday... not just to reward yourself with a delicious treat, but to provide your body with nutrients to support your healthy lifestyle.

And here’s the best part… You can mix into a hot drink on its own or use it to add a sweet, chocolatey kick to smoothies or desserts – all while helping to support your health and focus.
T Marie

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I drink lemon water, it helps with satiety and cravings. I also chew gum when I feel I need something sweet.

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Water and ice, every time you find yourself heading to the kitchen for it, fill up a big glass of You deserve better and will be better

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Tea-lavender chamomile, Tazo passion tea with a splash of heavy whip ,green citrus tea or a little sugar free cheesecake pudding made with heavy whipping cream and a few Lily’s chocolate chips-but seriously the tea helped/helps me so much-I drink a cup anytime I have a craving for something else and most of the time it passes or I get up and grab some veggies that I precut-best wishes to you

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Do a little research on what your missing. Chances are there's a keto version or substitute
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