Should I try switching food?

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Hey yall.. So a week ago we adopted a cute little 3 year old Westie. The woman we got her from gave us some dry food that she's been eating. Thing is, I can't get this dog to eat it. She will eat canned soft food but if I mix it with her normal food, she spits the food out.

Anytime I give her a bowl, she nudges it until it it tips over and spills. She drinks water fine.

The lady that had her said she is a social eater and won't eat if left alone, but left alone or with me sitting with her, nothing. She was a little chunky when we got her and I can tell she's been losing some weight, and not sure if it's because she gets walks now or not eating..

Suggestions? Should I try switching food?

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She is probably still missing her old family ,the fact that she wants people there when she eats says she is anxious left alone .I would feed her the wet food for a few weeks until she is settled and bonded with you and maybe give her dental chews for her teeth . It's a time thing , her world has just shifted and she will be worried , give her all your love and time and then you can start reintroducing her kibble , good luck.

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i don’t think it’s a “food” problem necessarily. she’s definitely sad. hope things start looking up for her soon! im sure she’ll come around but i’d def feed her the wet food or like suggested above, boiled chicken and rice until she warms up to you guys. if this persists for a prolonged period of time and she’s showing signs of pain, def vet.

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It's stress. My very food orientated dog was the same when I first adopted her. I sat on the floor and ate with her, ie pretended to eat her food and hand fed her. If that doesn't work then vets to check nothing else but sounds normal to me for a dog that has just been rehomed.

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I would take her to the vet and make sure she doesn't have any issues with her teeth. My little dog will go off her food and try to "bury" her bowl when her teeth are bothering her.

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We usually wet our dogs food with about 1/4 or less of water to 1.5 c dry! I then tidy up the kitchen to keep her company!
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