My father gave our small dog some beef fat, a small amount.. Her lethargy concerns me

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(She has had reactions in the past but apparently his desire to feed the dogs is overwhelming and he forgets it makes her sick).

She has been lethargic since and she also wimpers sometimes if you hold her wrong.

She is eating, drinking and using the bathroom as normal but her lethargy concerns me.

This is the second day she has not been feeling well.

Please any advice is helpful.

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It may be time to take her to the vet. My pup had this same thing happen a few months ago and she was in kidney failure. They didn’t think she was going to make it. I’m still going to vet appts for renal testing. She’s only 1. Her last few tests have been normalish. Not saying that’s what it is but it’s definitely time for a vet appt. Hope it’s something simple and they can get her fixed up in no time.

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Beef fat could be triggering a pancreatitis attack. She needs bloodwork done to ensure there are no other pre existing conditions.

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Giving fat they aren't used to getting can cause pancreatitis, which is pretty painful. Make her a vet visit, sooner than later.

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She sounds like she is in pain. Pancreatitis hurts. Take her to a vet.

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Her tummy could just be upset/gassy or it could be early signs of something more serious. You could get a quick check at the vet to put your mind at ease…if nothing else they can give her something for her tummy.

Giving her a regular chunk of meat is better than feeding her fat. There are also plenty of fruit and veggies that are actually good for dogs as well. Have your dad look up what is good to share with the dog.

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It may be time to take the pup to the vet. It could just be a coincidence of the beef fat. Lethargy can be a symptom of many things.

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Possibly pancreatitis which can be fatal without treatment. Needs a CPL test to confirm.

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Sounds like potential pancreatitis. Vet visit for bloodwork would be good. You could rest the stomach completely and npo... nothing by food or water for 24 hrs. Then introduce a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice or boiled 93%lean beef. Small more frequent meals. If they vomit the first meal stop and again nothing by mouth. Pancreatitis is mainly just supportive care and the first thing recommended will be to rest the gut. Please dm me anytime.
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