My 1-year old female cat is very aggressive

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She doesn’t let any stray cat come to our home. Today, she has fought with a cat and got some scratches over the body with blood stains. She seems to be fine, eating well and playing around.

Will her wounds heal on its own?

What possible course of action should I take?

Post by Anita »

Get with a vet for antibiotics and make sure she's current on vaccines. Also, get her spayed if she's not already spayed -- that might help minimize aggression towards other cats.

Post by Jenny »

She needs to be vet checked, and speyed. And try to keep her in.

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First of all your cat should not be roaming outside. Is she spayed?

I would keep the wounds clean and dry and use a antibiotic cream or spray on them. Watch for infection or drainage. If any seen then see a vet asap.

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If there are open wounds, I would take her to the vet. They can become infected easily and can't are not good at letting you know they are hurting. Is she spayed? Might help with the aggression.

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Needs to be seen by a vet as cat scratches and bites are easily infected and will abscess.
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