My 7-month-old Aussie cattle dog has been limping on her front left leg for about 6-8 weeks

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I believe she hurt it while chasing a ball. Her activity at various times during the week is to trot along on a straight dirt road by my Mtn bike for about three miles total (3x week) and she walks about 1.5 miles on the week days. I was playing ball with her at the park but I have stopped that as I think this is how she may have strained/injured her leg. She spins and twist when she gets to the ball. 

We went to the vet and had X-rays and all was good with her leg. They prescribed Carprofen for when needed. I haven’t given as yet. Will that really work? Is this going to be a long-term thing and I have to worry about my pups liver now? My old dog is on Carprofen that I expect. Per vet the next step according to them is to see an orthopedic vet which I assume would be an MRI ($$$$).

We have rested her, limp disappears however trying to keep a 7.5 mo old cattle dog w/o any kind of exercise is impossible.

Anyone with this kind of experience?

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So this has been going on sense she was 5 months old? Prob not muscular. I would get the MRI.

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That’s a long time to still be limping. I would say 2-3 weeks if it was a minor strain or muscle pull. My dog hurt her leg chasing a rabbit. It looked severe for a couple of days. Did not take her on the bike rides or long walks for about four days and she stopped limping, but it drove her batty not going for her runs! It’s hard.

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Follow your vet’s instructions and rest her but also do some stretching. Personally as a breeder, you are doing too much exercise with this pup. Joints aren’t fully developed until almost two.Playing ball or frisbee is how most dogs get injured. Sounds like a shoulder injury. Crate rest and anti-inflammatories and laser is recommended but if it doesn’t improve, then further diagnostics are needed.

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Playing ball is very high risk especially for growing dogs. Other forms of exercise are definitely preferable. Because your dogs joints are still developing and an injury could be very detrimental too that, I think this definitely warrants a vet visit.

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That is a non steroid anti inflammatory medication. She needs it. Running beside a bike is too much for most dogs. For now. Full bed rest for the next month until she is healed. Meaning. Pottie outaide and back inside. No running jumping or playing until she heals her leg.
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