Is a keto diet good for insulin resistance?

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So I started this diet because my doctor said I have insulin resistance. I was 5'2 118lbs. I'm 26 years old. I been doing keto for 2 months now and I now weigh 112 lbs. I'm worried if I keep this diet I'm going to keep losing weight and at 118 I was already in a healthy BMI but she wants me to do it for at least 6 months as a minimum. So like. How can I do this diet but not lose weight?

I know most people do it for weight loss so like. I just don't know what to do.

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You should probably clarify with your doctor or see and endocrinologist and a nutritionist. You don’t necessarily have to be keto to manage insulin resistance. You can not intake as many fats and go higher than like 18g net carbs. I’d say stay under 50 and see how that works. Is she testing your levels often to see how it’s working?

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Keto may not be the diet you need. Try cutting your carbs to about half of a daily recommended amount instead. Follow a diabetic type diet where you limit your carbs to the equivalent of about 4 pieces of bread a day so about 64 carbs. That might help.

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Try carbmanager and put in maintenance or weight gain and see if your calories and macros align

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Stay around or over the calorie intake the doctor recommended. You're only going to lose weight if you're in a deficit or burning more calories than you are consuming.

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If you eat more green veggies than what the macros suggest you won’t lose weight. You will maintain weight due to the carb and calorie count.
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