What white paint does everyone recommend when flipping furniture?

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What do you guys have?

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Dulux Aquanamel charmed white.


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Dulux Aquanamel this suite is about 30+ year old. Looks amazing and fresh now.


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I use different paints depending on the look I’m going for. If I want textured or a more provincial look I use a locally made chalk paint. If I want it smooth but low prep I use fusion mineral paint and sometimes I’ll opt for aqua enamel. If you’re after a chalk or mineral paint I’d find a local stockist. I redid my bedroom suite about 6 years ago in a locally made chalk paint and it still hasn’t marked or chipped. This set was done using chalk paint.


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I use chalk paint, usually Annie Sloan but Kmart has a white chalk paint that it okay.

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We used Dulux aquanamel snowy mountain half. Same as our painters used on door frames and skirtings. Looks great.

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I would probably stay clear of chalk paint for flipping. Just because you need to seal it for durability, and that adds an extra expense. If you don’t seal it, it marks easily, and has a very matt finish.

Enamel or mineral paint is very durable as mentioned.

If you choose vivid white (untinted straight off the shelf), you will need several coats - so for flipping choose a tinted white, and you will only need two coats. Less time, less expense.

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Originally I used chalk paint, then mineral but eventually ended up using Porters Aqua enamel paint as no top coat / sealer needed & very durable. Much more cost effective if a frequent flipper as you can buy in enormous tins from paint supply shops.

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Only one -Antique White USA satin finish- (2coats) with Zinzer Bin sealer first (1-2 coats depending).

Can’t stand chalk paint - it looks cheap to me.

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