I’m trying to find a light grey to paint our weatherboard home

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Hi Girls. I’ve never posted before but have followed you all and your fabulous ideas. ❤️

I’m trying to find a light grey to paint our weatherboard home. We’re going to do white around the window trims and a darker grey for the barge boards.

I’d really like a ”clean” grey with out the blue/purple/mushroom undertones.

Please please can anyone help me ??

I’m feeling like I’m being a fuss pot but I’m just getting frustrated with what I’ve seen so far.

Photos would be amazing also.

Thanks so very much in advance.

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15. Different paint Sample pots, and we came across a colour called canyon cloud by Bristol, and it is a true grey, with no blue or green overtones. We did a full strength on the walls of the house and a half strength on the Gable. It’s so fresh, looking against vivid white, which is what we pick for the trims.


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Shale grey is a good option. You can use half strength if you want it lighter. This is full strength.


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Silver Tea Set. In the outdoors colours look significantly lighter. Get a few sample pots and try before you decide.

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Dulux Tranquil Retreat is a beautiful soft grey or Dulux Terrace White.

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