Anyone used Kitchen Connection?

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Looking at Tuscany cupboards any positive or negative feedback appreciated. I was leaning towards 2 pac cupboards now not sure which way to go.


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I haven't heard anything good come out of people's experience with kitchen connections. Go to your local cabinet maker. Support a small local business. Probably find you will get a better-quality kitchen for a better price.

Post by Jess »

We had a disaster run with them in a previous house. I would never use them again or recommend to anyone.

Post by Angela »

Whatever you do don't get wrapped/foil/vinyl whatever they call it. It all peels no matter what they tell you. 2 pac poly is the gold standard for a reason.

Post by Sharon »

I have a Kitchen Connection kitchen, I love my kitchen , but I wasn’t happy with the after sales service , also as I live in Port Stephens I would be have preferred to use local trades , electricians plumbers etc, they dissuaded me and brought their own from Newcastle who proceeded to charge $250 travel fee. I was not advised of this . If you use them beware.

Post by Holly »

Don’t take their first or second offer and be prepared for them to be there all night until you sign and make a deposit which isn’t terribly refundable ….

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If there’s an issue you r only covered if the installer still works there. I chose to go with owner / builder. It was cheaper too.

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Going from feedback from people I wouldn’t use Kitchen Connection.

I can recommend Rods Kitchens as friends have used them and couldn’t fault them for service from start to finish and price.

Post by Diana »

Unfortunately yes ☹️ they were terrible to deal with. To be fair the kitchen turned out well in the end however the whole experience was painful. They buggered up the design, had to go over all measurements multiple times. We arranged all trades through KK to streamline everything, this was painful, had to get the plumber they organised back twice as he disconnected the hot water pipe to main bathroom (didn’t properly check what the pipe was connected to before terminating it). Difficult to contact someone who actually knows what’s going on, constantly chasing them…the list goes on. Given the abundant choice of kitchen cabinet makers out there I would try another option. KC are not the cheapest and they offers the same products as anyone else. Good luck with your new kitchen build.

Post by Rosemary »

Two pac is a beautiful and everlasting finish and you can choose any colour you desire.

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I had a great experience with their Kawana store. We had a complete walk in wardrobe fit out and were so happy with every aspect. The carpenter who did the work was a perfectionist and did an outstanding job.

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I don't know where you are, but we visited Kitchen Connection Rutherford, NSW on Monday. As soon as we walked into the shop the guy took over, showing us this that and the other (we only went to see what was availble),

By the time we left, he'd made an appointment for a designer to come the next day, for four hours, and gave us a 50%discount on carcasses but when we looked at the expiry date it was for that day only. In other words, you sign straight away. They take control from you and we hate that.


Needless to say, we cancelled VERY quickly.

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I’m sorry to say our experience has been nothing but a problem all the way, from wrong colour delivered, to size parts to their staff found painting our baseboards because they were the wrong colour! Now 4 years on and damage repairs are delayed with service staff not showing 3 times for scheduled appointments! I would support a local cabinet maker or small business.

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I tried to use them, then they told me I’d have to wait 6 months before they’d even start, unless I wanted a laminate kitchen starting at $40k.

Needless to say I went elsewhere and got the kitchen I wanted. Kitchen connection weren’t happy when they heard how much $ they lost during a follow up phone call.

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I had a friend that used to work for them and he left as he said that they were dodgy and customers were never happy and he kept getting called back ...

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