Who has a lighter coloured leather lounge and pets/children?

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We want leather as easier to clean but concerned a lighter colour will mark/stain easier? Any advice/opinions welcome.


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I have white leather couches. Here are my hints and tips:

Care/cleaning: I use light coloured throws to protect high wear areas.

Australia (Harvey Norman) has some good quality cleaning kits.

Stains: Beware of clothing colour transfer. A guest sat on my couch in their brand new jeans and there is a permanent shadow stain where they sat. I did get a couple of stain removal kits but the stain is still feintly there. 😖

Scratch repairs: Be prepared for accidental scrapes and scratches, especially with kids and pets. You can get really good repair kits from the UK that were designed as Europeam luxury car seat care kits. (Makes sense!)

Stitching: I find that, while the leather is easy to clean, the stitching gets dirty and NOTHING brings it back to its original colour. Just have to accept it discolours over time.

Sagging: Some people who have never owned leather couches before are surprised how much they give with wear. This is natural. I try to rotate where I sit so I am not creating a bum imprint on one cushion of the couch.

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White leather. I'd have nothing else because it's completely washable and easy to repair.

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Lighter coloured NEVER works with kids…you want them to feel homely so maybe save that one for when they are older. I would definitely recommend a darker couch while they are still growing up. PS couch is gorgeous though.

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All of our sofas are white leather, purchased secondhand. Yes, they are easier to clean, BUT if your child decides it is an art canvas and tries to draw all over it with biros and highlighters, it may not all come off. Also, unfortunately we've gotten some claw scratches from our puppies. I'd like to get new sofas soon, but not till our dogs are a bit older and more sedate. At least our kids know better now.

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I have this colour. So easy to keep clean being leather. Only problem is trying to get cushions to sit straight.

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Have had our leather couch 10 years or more no problems with grandchildren just use a good leather cleaner and conditioner.

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Leather couches easy to clean. I have one dog who is not allowed on lounge as too big. Plus 1 teenager. Actually my husband is more messy! Same colour lounge as photo. We have had lounge now 18 months.

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Just keep stamps away from it.. my partner was at his mothers with his kids.. hears a click click click and turns around to see a toddler stamping the name name ‘Ava’ in bright red ink all over the white natuzzi leather couch! You can still see a faint pink all over it!!

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My kids have soiled my light leather lounge if you do buy a light one I suggest u put a throw on the seating section until they are old enough.

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