Best way to remove wallpaper please?

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I wanted to ask: Best way to remove wallpaper please?

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Warm soapy water cover over leave for a couple of minutes the cover over aging then you're ready works every time for me no steamer needed

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Score paper with a scraper in criss cross pattern don’t go to deep just enough the go through top layer, use wet sponge to dampen (be careful of plug sockets) let it soak in and scrap like a champion

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The way I do it is put hot soapy water in a spray bottle and leave it for a few minutes and it just peals off no scraper’s required

Post by Kelly »

Get someone else to do it 😆 one of the worse jobs no on a serious note sometimes u can hire a wallpaper stripper that works well

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Slice over the wallpaper the spray with 1/2 fabric softener and 1/2 warm water. Comes right off

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Steamer if not warm soapy water depends on paper if blown vinyl or wood chip then score paper before soaking it leave for a few minutes probably about 5 mins then use scraper
O Donoghue

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Lenor mixed with water in a spray bottle and a spatula ‘ never failed me

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