Could I see your beautiful homes with timber look tiles!

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Hi everyone, long time stalker of this fab group, first time poster.

We're building a new house, have our colour apt in early Jan. I'd love timber floors but with 2 little ones, I'm leaning more toward a timber look tile. Hubby is not keen on timber look tiles.

Could I please see your beautiful homes with timber look tiles, so I can convince him.

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We have timber look tiles. Porcelain Vintage Miele GL and they are the best thing we did.

Hubby took lots of convincing but the deciding factor came down to not wanting a separate tile as a hearth for our wood heater.


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I would go a vinyl/ hybrid over tiles any day. Tiles are slippery when wet. If you drop something, it smashes, and the grout is a pain to clean. It hurts more falling on tiles than it would on vinyl. My vinyl floors are so low maintenance and easy to clean, I've dropped a glass on them before, and it didn't break, and they're not slippery. I have the waterproof ones from Harvey Norman. I love them..

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This is before grout though..


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It hurts less when your little one falls on a wooden floor than a tiled one.

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My timber floors. Love them. These are the original from my house built in early 60's. Have had no issues re spills etc.


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Always had heart set on timber but decided the hybrid was better value and I’m really glad we went this option. This colour called Twilight mist from Trevor’s Carpets.


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Vinyl is glorified lino imo. Looks, screams and feels cheap, and not in the money sense.

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My hubby wasn’t keen on timber look tiles either, but we found some porcelain rectified edge tiles with lots of variation that allowed us to get the look of wood with the durability and waterproof qualities of tiles.

We have 100+ yo wood floorboards in our current house, and they do take a beating, but we had a water leak and the problems it has caused has put me off of real wood in our new build.

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Laminated timber as long as you get the water resistant underneath it’s good to have even with kids and it will be cheaper then the tile look.

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I'm with you on the tiles. I had a good quality wooden floor installed throughout with a baby. Hindsight I'd pick the tiled version. Why.... No scratches, issues with movement (especially in a new home that takes a couple of years to settle), water damage. Also I had to search really hard to find one that does NOT use formaldehyde... As for hybrid, the materials they're comprised of can be even more nefarious🙈 Go with your motherly instinct whatever that looks like.

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We had timber tiles in our last house with a textured finish in a light grey/beige colour - they looked lovely but with two dogs did get grubby which was really hard to clean being textured. No amount of mopping or steam cleaning would get it out - I resorted to a small amount of water over them, a wet and dry cleaner and a deck brush....

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We have gone with a timber hybrid floor, softer and warmer than tile, and water proof, scratch resistant , we had the same in our last home and loved it.

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