Happy with most of my Christmas decor this year..

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BUT ….. feel like I’ve missed the mark with my glass Christmas tree in the first photo.

Anyone have something similar and/or has some advice on how I could decorate it to make it look better?


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It is always hard to fill that jar to the top! We put ours out yesterday with a heart at the top and will later fill with red Lindor chocolates (fill both halves and then gently put together). You can add some tinsel too for the illusion of it being full. Mixing fairy lights inside is another option.


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It all looks very beautiful. The glass tree is so classy red baubles. Maybe see if you could stuff the tiny lights that are held with wire. You might be able to form them up that way. I hope I am making sense.

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Love the simple wreath!
Fill the bottom of the glass tree with some green garland or fake gum leaves through it? It’ll fill it out and the baubles will be spread out all over

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With your glass tree, if you're open to a bit of revsion, get a sample pot of paint in your favourite shade of white or blue, and pour some inside the tree, then swirl it around to fully coat it, and leave outside over some paper or cardboard to drain out excess paint and fully dry...

If that is too full on, fill it with fairy lights, or white tinsel. But stuff it full, so that even the lid area is filled too.

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What about fake snow ( I’ve used plain white sugar) in the bottom and the baubles on top
I did a jar one year with the snow and a little white deer standing on it

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Buy some clear water beads. Layer the water beads and your items inside the glass tree. Once done. Fill with water the water beads become invisible and your items will look like they are floating.

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I love this look for something simple.


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