I'm thinking some timber features but I feel like the front needs some "height" and some other tones.. any suggestions?

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Hi all not sure if this is OK for this FORUM but we are in the process of painting our house white, window frames white or black, door dark blue, refinishing the roof, changing the garden in front of the house and id like some ideas to improve the front of the house as it is a bit boring.

The house is tri level with most of the height visible at the back.

The roof takes most of the landscape at the front.

I'm thinking some timber features but I feel like the front needs some "height" and some other tones any suggestions?

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I would suggest getting rid of the hedge so you can see the whole house. I expect there’s a front door there somewhere? Do you have enough height to add a verandah?

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What plant is your hedge? If it is a small leaf plant like Murraya you can cut it back to half height to open up you yard and the front of the house. The top will not look the best, but will come back in a few weeks this time of year. This might give you a better idea what you need to do to the garden. What is on the other side of the hedge? Garage, drive, front door, a pathway? Look on Pinterest for you favourite colour scheme, or take note of homes in your area.

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Your house will be beautiful painted. I would remove the hedge and landscape, may a path to the front door. After a look at Pinterest for ideas.

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Definitely remove the hedge yr house has a lovely looking front ..you can get a better idea once you can see it opened up ..

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