Buying old timber furniture off marketplace/gumtree for cheap

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I was thinking of starting a bit of a side hussle and buying old timber furniture off marketplace/gumtree for cheap and renovating it to look like more Hampton’s style (white with light timber tops).

Just wondering if anyone has done this and if the money you sell the furniture for is actually worth it?

To those that have done it, what paint/process do you recommend?

I’ve seen mixed comments on this page about what paint is the best to use.

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I do, where are you located?

Look up “paint it beautiful” for fusion mineral paint. A mineral paint personally is nicer then Chalk paint. Brushes, paints, sprayers and sanders make a huge difference. I would educate and watch comments etc on the paint it beautiful page before starting. There are some other pages I can recommend too

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Honestly I think it depends on where u r located. I'm rural country Vic and did it for a while and I honestly did do a good job and did sell pieces cheap but people didn't want to pay enough to make it worth all my time effort, driving to pick up items, buying supplies to do the work then time doing it so in my case it wasn't worth it at all probably actually cost me money but I did enjoy doing it. Keep an eye on your local marketplace and see if there is anyone else doing it and if so what their prices are like to give u a bit of an indication. Good luck.

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Did it for several years as my side hussle. Monitor marketplace in your area to know your area first. White with stained timber top sold very well in my area. I recommend aqua enamel paint - popcorn shade by porters paint. (Originally I painted with chalkpaint then mineral paint but the need for a top coat eventually led me to water based enamel paints). Cheap pine really needs an undercoat Bin from hardware is great- otherwise eventually timber will bleed. Undercoat also cuts down on number of coats of good paint.

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I do it as a complete hobby, I sell my pieces for only a small profit as it’s more about me doing a hobby I enjoy and since I’ve painted every piece of furniture in my house it made sense to just find pieces I could flip that others might want to buy.

I’ve been doing it for over 5 years and I’ve noticed a big decrease in the amount of stock available on marketplace or stuff that need flipping is priced too high to warrant buying it. But you do find bargains you just need to constantly check. Basically you can use aqua enamel, chalk paint or mineral paint. I prefer fusion mineral paint but if I want a provincial look I always choose chalk paint. I’d suggest find a local stockist and start with them.

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I did it as a hobby during COVID.

Absolutely source good, cheap furniture. A good storage space and workspace is a must.

A good stain blocker is a must.

Buy a good sander. Some people swear by Festool but it's a $2k outlay. I hand sand.

I've used a lot of paint. Aquanamel is the best value.

White paint requires more coats than a colour like navy.

Buy sandpaper in bulk

Get on social media...I was selling quite a bit through Instagram.

Don't forget to look at your tax obligations.

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Great as a hobby but absolutely not profitable enough - unless you set up a mini factory of sorts ie enough space whereby you can be working on a number of pieces at once, and efficient equipment that saves you time e.g no point struggling with a crappy sander for 3 days to then only make a mere $50 profit.

Research what Paint stripper, Primer, paint and polyurethane sealers cost (can be really expensive. Maybe hire a sander and sprayer first and give it a go before committing ✌️ Good Luck!

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I think it’s a brilliant idea IF you enjoy it, and you can get quality pieces to recondition to look different to shop purchased furniture. From the customers perspective, what you are offering is something so very different from what they can source at all the usual Hamptons style places. People like points of difference - it’s what makes a house a home. Good luck!

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Why don’t you do it the other way around rather than buying and selling custom paint for people quote them and do a great job you get more work word of mouth promote yourself do a few pieces to start take photos start to get a name and go from there meet interior designers and up clients.

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I did it for a few years on Brisbane before we posted to Canberra. I earnt more money doing my side hassle than I did nursing.

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Many are doing it. For the hours of work is it viable? Many cut corners not using stain blockers for pine and red stain timbers. Paint is not cheap. Look for quality pieces.

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