Does anyone have photos of a nice white wall colour with beige toned furniture?

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Looking for ideas for a colour that won’t throw any grey but isn’t too stark either.


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I’ve got dulux natural white. Works really well. Still sorting out the house, but to give an idea.

Jo ~

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We did dulux natural white and found it ‘too white’ so changed to Berkshire white. Can post photo on Tuesday if you like.

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Taubmans cotton sheets


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Unfortunately looking at people’s photos doesn’t really help as every camera adds or subtracts light. Each room is different to yours in the amount of natural light, furnishings, time of day etc. the only way to really know how colours will look is to get match pots, paint on large pieces of white cardboard and put in lots of different spots in your house. Light spots dark spots on a sunny day and a cloudy day.

This photo is Taubmans Misty Grey half strength, sometimes, in some rooms, it looks blue, sometimes it looks grey, sometimes it looks beige, sometimes a tiny bit lilac and sometimes it looks white. It looks pink here.


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The lighting isn’t great. I’ve just repainted my walls to Akimbo by Taubmans. I love it. It doesn’t throw greys.


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We originally painted lexicon half, and it threw so much blue. We’ve painted over with Cotton Sheets and it is bright and lovely.

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I gathered all the white toned paint chips I could find then laid them out on my ‘antique white’ wood furniture to find the actual colour. I found it was Dulux Hogs Bristle Quarter. From there I could choose my wall paint as I wanted it to be the same tone but lighter. I went with Dulux Natural White.

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We have white duck quarter, which is slightly darker (a little more grey base) than natural white, and it makes out cream coloured furniture pop a little more. I love it, but it’s a little more yellow than some of the crisper whites.

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Dulux natural white, I love it, it’s the lightest of the warm whites, the paint shops do it 1/2 strength too which is great, we just painted a townhouse we built in 1/2 strength throughout, walls, ceilings, doors, arcs and skirts, came up fantastic.

We’ll be using it in our own home that’s being built next year.

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I used Abstract Half, I really love it with white trim, it’s a Taubmans colour, a greige I guess, check it out you can get 1/4 too.

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